Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years

I started this blog last night, but the verizon connection kept cutting out every three or four minutes, I finally said a few choice words and gave up. This is the second time that has happened, I have no idea why, the signal strength is always 3 or four bars.

The wind did blow wednesday night, the motorhomes was rocking back and forth, we woke up thursday to a cloudy grey morning but after a trip into Ajo for gas, the sky cleared and we took the dogs and drove up a dirt road that runs off  Darby Wells Rd.

The road runs along in front of this mountain, it is unmarked and we had no idea where  it went.

We passed along behind Balancing Rock, also called Locomotive Rock

It looks completely different from the other side

At first there were lots of cactus

Then the landscape changed to this

The mountainswere gorgeous  just before we arrived here

We think that the road is Bates Well Rd, which goes through Organ Pipe National Monument and eventually comes out near Yuma.

It was an interesting ride, although the road was pretty rough.

Today  was cold first thing, 26F, but it did warm up  to the mid 60's,  we  stayed in and watched the world juniors game, and that was about it.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy, New Year.


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