Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mittry Lake Az

We were on the road at about 10 this morning, we took on water at the RV pit stop and headed straight down I95 towards Yuma, as we approached Yuma the landscape changed from desert to farmland, looked like cabbage, although there we signs for watermelons and rutabagas for sale. We headed up Laguna Dam Rd. through more fields, full of workers, who I guess were bussed in as there were tons of buses parked along the road.The paved road turned into a dusty, rough  nasty road. The campsites run along side the lake, we pulled into a large site on the water edge right be side a little lagoon.

From our site there was a small point of land with Pam Trees on it, so we went down the path through
the reeds
Looking back at our site.

When we turned back, the dogs were waiting for us
That's Sophie sitting on the dashboard.

We took them for a walk to the dock and picnic area.

On the way back  down the road, poor Jake was attacked by two dogs who came running from a truck
and trailer, the owners were busy setting up camp and and didn't notice their dogs taking off. Jake had the bigger dog down in about 30 seconds. I had him on his leash but he is too strong for me, it was quite a commotion, I'm yelling at Jake and trying to pull him off the dog, Skip had the Bostons and they were trying to get into the fight. The owner of the two dogs is yelling. I finally got Jake off and the dogs ran away. The lady was quite apologetic, saying she bet her dogs wouldn't try that again.

Looks pretty idyllic, but there are downsides to this spot, we are about 20 ft off the road, and there is a
fair amount of traffic, and as soon as the sun went down we were plagued with mosquitoes. Al from the
http://thebayfieldbunch.com/  suggested other campsites near by so we will probably go tomorrow to check those out.

Did  I mention it was 80+ degrees here, enjoy the rain .



  1. We were basically in the same spot as you folks & didn't like the dusty traffic going by either. We also found the place had a lot of litter from the locals & fisherman leaving junk on the ground. Not sure if you have ever been to Borrego Springs CA but it is one of our favorite spots. Nice little place with palm trees etc & lots to do if your into hiking etc. Just follow Ogilby road north to T intersection & head left through Glamis & the Imperial Sand Dunes to Brawley. We generally slip up a few miles north of Brawley on the way to Nyland & dump our tanks & take on water at a dump station on the right side of the road. Nice new Wally World in the south end of Brawley. Another hour northwest will land you in Borrego Springs.

  2. Also forgot to mention...a few miles west of Yuma there is a dump station facility at Pilot Knob on south side of I-8. Gas station, store, water, etc. I think it might be the same interchange as the 'Center of the Earth' attraction on the north side. Next interchange after that is Ogilbe Rd. Laundry facilities on Ogilbe Rd at Gold Rock Ranch RV Park just across from the old Tumco townsite. Dump facilities there as well. Interesting park to walk around while laundry is swooshing around. There are 2 links to Gold Rock Ranch in this post.... http://thebayfieldbunch.com/2010/09/today-was-job.html

  3. Sometimes traveling with puppy dogs can be interesting. We find (with the rare exception) that when problems arise, it’s usually because someone has lost control of their dogs or children (no, were not child haters, it’s just that little children tend to be over exuberant). We travel with a Yellow Lab and a very Great Pyrenees; it can be interesting in and out of our motorhome. Take care and safe travels.