Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Plans have changed again.

Sunrise one day

Fog a couple of days later,  I didn't expect fog in the desert.

I guess it doesn't pay to make plans, we should just take it one day at a time. Yesterday we had a visit from the ranger, seems we are not on private land, by about 30 ft. so we can only stay where we are another week,  we could move on to the private land, but we are ready to move on  any way. We thought about going to Imperial Dam which is about 30 miles away, so today we drove up to the camping area to check it out.  It is not for us, the spaces we could get into were pretty crowded, and there was no privacy at all, which is a big deal for us with the three dogs. There were other sites that were off by themselves but were not easy to get into. It was an interesting ride, past produce fields

  We stopped at a date farm and had our first date milkshake, it was really good.

Date Palms

We have decided to drive to Ajo, which is south of Phoenix,it looks really pretty, in the pictures we have seen, lots of big cactus and some hiking in the area. We hope to leave early tomorrow morning.



  1. That's good info about the Imperial Dam because we were wondering about that & nearly went there a couple years ago. There is a really great boondocking area just a few miles west of Ajo in the Ajo Highlands. Check your map & look for Darby Wells road. It loops west from Ajo out a few miles & then cirlcles back to the south end of Ajo. Really nice. About half way around the loop is a road heading west towards a couple tall rock mountains. There is an Indian cemetery on this road. I would scout out this area in your toad first though. There are boondocking spots along the ring road but when we were there we went up the cemetery road past the cemetery & found a great spot. This road can be a bit rough & depending on the Monsoons each year maybe too rough for the Motor Home so check it out with the toad first. Here's a link to our stay there...

  2. Hope we were good neighbors! We appreciate you keeping your colds to yourselves though :-) Enjoy the adventure! We've moved on to the torrential rains of the San Diego area!!

  3. gee, we did the Oasis Date Farm yesterday. AWe also have a dog with us and are having a hard time finding dog friendly trails around here. Hope you find some sun in Arizona, I think there may not be much here in the Coachella Valley before we leave.

  4. We are Imperial Dam now - got here yesterday. We didn't think it was for us either but after driving around some and talking with a few people we found a nice little corner for us and our cats and dog just on the way out of the gravel pit. We will post some pics later - we are here at wifi on the Yuma Proving Grounds but left our camera cord back at camp. It is very beautiful here with the lake and nice up at the day use area where you can watch the ducks.