Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We are Loving this Weather


We have been enjoying the wonderful California weather, we have had a bit of wind, but so far none of the sand storms that other friends experienced here a few weeks ago.


Sunday we went to the Park and Swap at the old Dog Track in Yuma, I forgot my camera to show the crowds, but there were thousands of people, we found the used book stall, exchanged a bunch of books and got out of there.

Louis has back to normal almost four weeks after his surgery ( other than than missing his tail ). he was so funny I wanted to get a picture of his butt, and I said show me your bum Louie and  he turned around so I could get this shot.


They have been drilling for something over on American Girl Mine Rd, Skip rode his bike over that way and he thought maybe they were drilling a well.


They had it lit up and worked through the night last night but we haven’t seen  lights tonight.

Today we went into Yuma to the Ford Dealer, to get a new Coolant Reservoir for the  motor home, Skip was checking the level and noticed it was cracked. Good thing he found it before we started home and lost all our coolant going over some mountain pass.

We  needed gas  so we got it at the Arco, it was the cheapest we have seen this year. cost $20.00 to fill the Sunrunner.



Louis looks pretty comfortable


I am  still walking or hiking every day as well as walking the dogs, Jake can only do about a mile before he is tired out, Sophie and Louie put on about three miles on the same walk.

Louie hates his harness and always tries to rub it off.


Sophie thinks Louie is getting far too much attention,





Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Jake !


Our big boy Jake turned nine years old today.


He is getting pretty grey and he is moving slower, but all and  all he is in good shape.


A few days before we left Borrego Charlotte and Mike who we met last year came to stay at the Clark Dry Lakebed with their friends Don and Josie, who also live off grid on Lasqueti Island. At one point I counted 16 people camped around us who were from BC.

Yesterday we said  goodbye to everyone  and headed to El Centro to get groceries, and then moved on to Ogilbe  Road 12 miles outside of Yuma, we were lucky enough to get our favorite spot,with the cactus garden.


We are going to stay here a week or more, we want to go to Algodones Mexico one day and have a few day trips planned, other than that we intend to enjoy the sun.



Thursday, January 3, 2013

South Palm Wash Slot Canyon


Before Louie  had surgery we went with our friends to South Palm Wash to hike through the slot canyon. We accessed  the wash at mile marker 38 on highway 22, which is the route to the Calcite Mine. We drove down into the wash about 1/2 mile, parked and walked up the canyon.

John and Nicole’s Sidekick is two years older than our Sunrunner


Palm Canyon Wash


Beginning the Slot Canyon





John showing the width


Most of the canyon was pretty easy walking


With some narrow parts’



And some really neat walls



A little bit of scrambling



We think the dry waterfall is up there somewhere but we couldn’t find the path.


Another dead end


It get pretty cold in the canyons unless you can stay in the direct sun, so we called it a day,

Louie continues to do really well, every once in a while he gives a little yelp, but I believe it is the stitches drying and poking him. Skip watched the dogs today, while I walked to the lake bed, I am trying to get a four or five mile walk in every other day. Skip is riding his bike, yesterday he rode 16 miles which is the farthest he’s ridden in years. All in the name of staying healthy.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Louie is On the Mend


Thank you all for the comments and emails about Louie. He had  two days where he was feeling pretty bad, but he is almost back to normal ( minus a tail ) He hasn’t needed anything for pain since Sunday,and has just a few more antibiotics to take. He was playing outside chasing Sophie today and running really hard, with no ill effects.

The day after surgery





We are  staying pretty close to home for a few more days, at least until his stiches dissolve.

We had a beautiful sunrise for the first morning of 2013.



The weather has been cold the last few days, we had frost yesterday morning and when I walked  to the dry lake bed  today the wind was really blowing hard.


Across the lake bed


it’s a long way back,I can’t even see  our rig from here.


We will be staying here a few more days and then we will be seeking better weather.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and hope for a Peaceful Healthy year for all of you!