Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Counting Down the Days

All of a sudden we have only fourteen days to go. We have our lists out and have been ticking things off.
We have separate lists for some things, Skip looks after motor home related things and I do the travel insurance, make vet appointments etc. Jake and Sophie are due for rabies shots this year, all three get Bordetella for kennel cough ( apparently it is easily picked up in dog parks and rest areas ) and all three get an annual examination. They don't get any other shots now.  All of them got the regular shots for the first two years only. We have a vet who doesn't believe in  repeating  vaccines year after year.

We are heading to the interior of the province for a few weeks,  we are going to  stay mostly in recreation
campgrounds, they used to be called forestry sites and are on public land for the most part. Some are free and some have a fee of $12 or $6.00 for seniors. There are no services other than  fire pits and pit toilets  and tables. Our header picture is taken at a recreational site. When we get to Kelowna we will stay at a provinicial park, which is still dry camping but there are showers, water etc. After Kelowna we are not sure where we are heading but that's the way we like to travel. We do know we want to enter the USA  from  Grandforks and head down highway 395, in eastern Washington.

When we were in Victoria a couple of weeks ago we had lunch at a popular spot at the harbour. Red Fish Blue Fish was featured on the Food Network so we had to check it out.

Victoria Harbour

There was a long long lineup

Over an hour later.

The food was really good,especially the shrimp tacones, which are tacos rolled like cones and filled with chipolte shrimp.

I  don't like to stand in line, good as it was I don't think I'd wait that long again.

This is where we normally buy our fish at French Creek about 15 miles from us.

French Creek Seafood is a comercial fishpacking plant

With a retail store

It is so fresh and so good, and no line ups.

and no crowds of people.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy Times

The last few weeks have just flown by, we had our annual camping weekend with our family, this year it was at Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. It was a fun time as usual but two days is not long enough especially for those who travel from Vancouver, next year we are going to reserve for four days. I am having problems uploading the pictures, keep getting server errors.

We went to Victoria for a couple of days to see our  son Edd and our daughter in law Meg, they were camping with us and this Sunday they are off to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert. Our oldest granddaughter Kayla, was visiting from Vancouver so we got to see her too.

Edd and Megan


The kitchen reno is mostly done, except for some paint touchups,crown molding and kick board.  We really like it.

We are really looking forward to going south again this winter, we are planning to go to Utah the first week of October, we want to go to Bryce Canyon first and  after that we  will wander. We are actually thinking of leaving the island around the middle of Sept  to spend some time in the interior of BC. That is only a month away! And we have a lot to do around here so we will be busy busy .