Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anza Borrego …One of our Favorite Places


On Sunday our  intention was to take our time packing up the motorhome in order to get an early start on our way to Anza Borrego. By eleven o’clock we were basically done so we decided to leave a day early. We made one stop at El Centro so we could pick up dog food at Costco, and arrived at Clark Dry Lake Bed at 3.30.

Our favorite site was occupied but we found one close by that we like also.


The RVs in the background are the Escapees Boon Docking Group  and are about are  one half mile away.


Al and Kelly are parked about another half mile away. We went over to visit them on Monday,  it was so good to see them and Pheebs again, and to see Kelly looking  so well.

Our friends Martin and Gaye from Vancouver Island are here also, we saw them earlier this year at Overton Nevada.

We haven’t done any hiking yet , just visiting, walking the dogs, and a couple of trips to town. The farmers market is usually held at Christmas Circle on a Friday, however because of the Thanksgiving Holiday it was held today. We went to look around but didn’t find anything we needed, but we did see Al and Kelly there.

We did  stop at the fruit stand to buy a bag of grapefruit.



A ten pound bag was $3.00 and they are very good.


The grey mountain in the foreground is Coyote Mountain, we are going to climb it in the next few days to find the stone snake  that is there.



Jake insists on carrying his leash when we are walking, the  5th wheel in the background belongs to our nearest neighbour.



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We Moved to Ogilbe Rd


We  back on Ogilbe Rd again, not in our favorite site, but in a nice site  a couple  of hundred yard down the wash.






We left Quartzsite  last Thursday, we enjoyed our time there hanging out  with Denise and meeting Barbara


. We knew that RV Sue was staying up the road from us, but we didn’t see her. A funny thing happened a day or two before we left Dome Rock Road. I was walking along the road with Sophie and Louie, when a red pickup passed us, stopped,  backed up a few feet, the man driving  yelled out the window, RV Sue? I said nope, he says  are you sure?, and looked at the dogs …Sue has two Rat Terriers that are white in color and way bigger than our Boston Terriers. I said I’m sure and kept walking he looked puzzled and started to say something else but we just kept walking and he finally drove off.


We haven’t been doing much since we arrived here, we drove into Yuma today to get a few groceries and to go to Home Depot for a new extension cord. We had lunch at Mimi’s restaurant, which was really good, I had a Cobb Salad and Skip had Chicken Crepes with Orange Sauce.

We have just been sitting outside reading, enjoying the warm weather  and the wonderful  Sunrises


And Sunsets


We intend to spend  a few more days here before we head up to  Borrego Springs for a while.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lake Havasu to Quartzsite


After the incident with the loose dogs we moved down the road about eight miles to a second BLM spot, it was a big flat area, not particularly attractive, but it was quiet and we had a bit of a view of the Colorado River.


We took a ride to Lake Havasu City to get some groceries, and to see London Bridge,




We actually drove across the bridge but I didn’t get a good picture.


We intended to go back to Lake Havasu City, but after a day and night of wind and blowing sand, we decided to head for Quartzsite.

When in Quartzsite we have always stayed at the BLM camping area on Plomosa Rd. This time because  there weren’t many people here yet  we thought we would try Dome Rock BLM. It is much closer to town, we can hear a little noise from Highway 10, but it doesn’t bother us.

Denise is here staying at La Posa Long Term Visitors Area, we went to visit her and Bennie, We have never been in the LTVA’s here, we were surprised at the size of the sites. there is water, a RV dump and garbage bins, Pretty good deal at $180.00 for six months.

We met Barbara, who’s blog   Me and My Dog  we have been reading for years, she is parked near Denise , forgot the camera so we didn’t get  pictures.

RV Sue  who we met last year at Anza Borrego is here too.

Our site on Dome Rock Rd.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quartzsite via Chloride and Lake Havasu


We pulled into Quartzsite yesterday afternoon, after dumping our tanks and taking on water we headed to Dome Rock BLM 14 day camping area. There aren’t many RVs in this area so we were able to get a spot we liked  by a wash.

On our way from Overton Nevada we  stopped to see Chloride which is a living ghost town.It is also the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in Arizona.

It is an interesting town, there is a ghost town complex which has three or four original buildings and several more store fronts made to look old.




There is some yard art, on one street it stretched for a whole block on both sides of the road.



Quite a few old buildings in various states  of repair.



What we didn’t see were the Purcell Murals, the man at the Mineshaft Market/ tourist bureau  told us the road was too bad to drive there in our RV.  I got this from the web.






















He originally painted them in 1966,  and has repainted them twice more when they faded.

We would have stayed longer to explore  the area but there was no place to stay other than a RV park which wasn’t suitable for Jake.

We drove straight through Lake Havasu  City to a BLM  camping area s few miles south of town,


This was our view


We quite liked it there, it was pretty quiet and the nearest RV was about 300 yds. away, but when we took our dogs out for a walk two dogs ( one a  pit bull and one  that skip thought was a wolf hound  ) came running out from a site, their owners had gone out and let them out untied. It was quite scary because they weren’t just warning us, they kept coming until we got to  our rig. It was getting late in the afternoon, so we decided to move the next morning,

We did enjoy a nice sunset.


More tomorrow,



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Valley of Fire Day Two


The Valley of Fire is an amazing place, it is so beautiful and so accessible for most people.




This is what remains of the set of the movie The Professionals, with Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster and Jack Palance.


Our friend Martin lent us the DVD of the movie a few days before we went to VOF  so we recognized the places where some of the scenes were shot.

The slot canyon they travelled through.




The colours and the rocks are amazing.



I was trying to get a picture of the little tree growing out of the rock. I didn’t do anything to change the colour.




We drove through the campground. The sites were $10.00 per night plus the $10.00 park entrance fee.



The Beehives



We loved it here and hope we  can return some day.