Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anza Borrego …One of our Favorite Places


On Sunday our  intention was to take our time packing up the motorhome in order to get an early start on our way to Anza Borrego. By eleven o’clock we were basically done so we decided to leave a day early. We made one stop at El Centro so we could pick up dog food at Costco, and arrived at Clark Dry Lake Bed at 3.30.

Our favorite site was occupied but we found one close by that we like also.


The RVs in the background are the Escapees Boon Docking Group  and are about are  one half mile away.


Al and Kelly are parked about another half mile away. We went over to visit them on Monday,  it was so good to see them and Pheebs again, and to see Kelly looking  so well.

Our friends Martin and Gaye from Vancouver Island are here also, we saw them earlier this year at Overton Nevada.

We haven’t done any hiking yet , just visiting, walking the dogs, and a couple of trips to town. The farmers market is usually held at Christmas Circle on a Friday, however because of the Thanksgiving Holiday it was held today. We went to look around but didn’t find anything we needed, but we did see Al and Kelly there.

We did  stop at the fruit stand to buy a bag of grapefruit.



A ten pound bag was $3.00 and they are very good.


The grey mountain in the foreground is Coyote Mountain, we are going to climb it in the next few days to find the stone snake  that is there.



Jake insists on carrying his leash when we are walking, the  5th wheel in the background belongs to our nearest neighbour.




  1. Well at least we had a couple short visits. You both look great.... Not sure if you said you had sent an email, but we did not rec. any if you did :)


  2. If someone is there allowing people to sample honey, do try some! It is soooo good. I can hardly wait to get there to purchase more. We ran out in September and I am in withdraw.

    Our daughter is there too. She has a grouchy, dog agresive Jack Russel. If you see her tell Jojo her mom said "hi". That should shock her.

  3. glad that you are all enjoying your stay down south!!!

  4. Looks like your life is very good :)

  5. Jake looks pretty cute there carrying his leash. Sure looks like he has plenty of space there to roam around.

  6. Enjoying retirement, I see....

  7. I've been to Borrego Springs, but it was before my RVing days. I visited a friend who has a house there. One of these days I'd like to travel there again and spend some time in the RV. Everyone who goes there seems to love it. :)

  8. Yes! The grapefruit there are great, aren't they?


  9. Hi Skip & Jean! Just got a comment on my blog post from Al that you folks are somewhere in the neighborhood. Will have to look for you when we're out walking. We're in the "turtle" site!