Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We Moved to Ogilbe Rd


We  back on Ogilbe Rd again, not in our favorite site, but in a nice site  a couple  of hundred yard down the wash.






We left Quartzsite  last Thursday, we enjoyed our time there hanging out  with Denise and meeting Barbara


. We knew that RV Sue was staying up the road from us, but we didn’t see her. A funny thing happened a day or two before we left Dome Rock Road. I was walking along the road with Sophie and Louie, when a red pickup passed us, stopped,  backed up a few feet, the man driving  yelled out the window, RV Sue? I said nope, he says  are you sure?, and looked at the dogs …Sue has two Rat Terriers that are white in color and way bigger than our Boston Terriers. I said I’m sure and kept walking he looked puzzled and started to say something else but we just kept walking and he finally drove off.


We haven’t been doing much since we arrived here, we drove into Yuma today to get a few groceries and to go to Home Depot for a new extension cord. We had lunch at Mimi’s restaurant, which was really good, I had a Cobb Salad and Skip had Chicken Crepes with Orange Sauce.

We have just been sitting outside reading, enjoying the warm weather  and the wonderful  Sunrises


And Sunsets


We intend to spend  a few more days here before we head up to  Borrego Springs for a while.



  1. Back in one of my fav places! We'll be there by Jan for sure.

  2. Jean and Skip . . . I agree. Your header photo is fantastic! You should enter it in a contest that awards you lots of money!

    I hope you don't mind that I excerpted the paragraph about the guy looking for you and posted it on my blog along with a link to your blog. I really got a kick out of it.

    Enjoy your Ogilby Road camp! Sue

  3. oops... Meant to say "looking for me"

  4. I agree, ya got yourself a nice header picture there:)) We just might still be here in Borrego Monday.

  5. Love those sunrise/sunset shots. You are in a perfect spot to enjoy them.

  6. Sure does look like you have a great spot there !!

    Great seeing you guys again today and THANKS TO SKIP for fixing my hot water problem.

    Now I want more regular Blogs from you !! The BOSS has spoken !! hehehehe