Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quartzsite via Chloride and Lake Havasu


We pulled into Quartzsite yesterday afternoon, after dumping our tanks and taking on water we headed to Dome Rock BLM 14 day camping area. There aren’t many RVs in this area so we were able to get a spot we liked  by a wash.

On our way from Overton Nevada we  stopped to see Chloride which is a living ghost town.It is also the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in Arizona.

It is an interesting town, there is a ghost town complex which has three or four original buildings and several more store fronts made to look old.




There is some yard art, on one street it stretched for a whole block on both sides of the road.



Quite a few old buildings in various states  of repair.



What we didn’t see were the Purcell Murals, the man at the Mineshaft Market/ tourist bureau  told us the road was too bad to drive there in our RV.  I got this from the web.






















He originally painted them in 1966,  and has repainted them twice more when they faded.

We would have stayed longer to explore  the area but there was no place to stay other than a RV park which wasn’t suitable for Jake.

We drove straight through Lake Havasu  City to a BLM  camping area s few miles south of town,


This was our view


We quite liked it there, it was pretty quiet and the nearest RV was about 300 yds. away, but when we took our dogs out for a walk two dogs ( one a  pit bull and one  that skip thought was a wolf hound  ) came running out from a site, their owners had gone out and let them out untied. It was quite scary because they weren’t just warning us, they kept coming until we got to  our rig. It was getting late in the afternoon, so we decided to move the next morning,

We did enjoy a nice sunset.


More tomorrow,




  1. That Chloride looks like an interesting place to visit.

    I'd be FURIOUS with those dog's Owner - IF they had been around. Some people !!

    AND two posts in less than a week ! Shur I near fell off 'da couch !! LOL

    GREAT seeing you guys again.

  2. Painting in the rocks looks great...

  3. I really enjoyed meeting you both yesterday, but we forget to get photos! Maybe next time. I'm now a loyal Follower! :)

  4. You always find the neatest places.