Monday, February 24, 2014

Starting Our Trip Home With a Stop At Owl Canyon


We usually plan our winter trip so that we return home about the middle of March, this year we are going home a week earlier. When we were In Quartzsite we were  undecided  about our route home and where to spend the last couple of weeks before heading home.

We really liked staying at the Road Runner BLM, it was quiet, not many people, and lot’s of  room for the dogs

Sunrise at Road Runner



After two weeks at Road Runner, we headed back to Yuma to get the oil changed in the motor home and in the tracker.  We parked by a wash off Ogilbey Road way farther in than we usually park, other than a few trips to Yuma to get groceries and do laundry we just enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Sophie and Louie love it there because they can be off leash more.


Jake is  getting pretty grey and he doesn’t like to go for long walks anymore.


but sometimes he surprises us




One thing we will miss  when we go home.


Every night the sunset is amazing, like everyone else we  keep taking pictures.

On Friday we decided  that we would leave Ogilbey Rd  on Sunday right after the Gold Medal Hockey game.

Denise road her bike  down  from Quartzsite to meet us for lunch on Saturday, we were so happy we got to say good bye to her.

We overnighted at the Red Earth Casino and drove up highway 10 and highway 15 to Owl  Canyon BLM just north of Barstow CA.   So far we really like it here, there was one tent as we came in to the campground, other than that we haven’t seen a soul.

Our Site





We are staying here a few days, then we will start the journey home.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Week in Q


We arrived in Quartzsite one week ago today, and headed straight to Plomosa Rd BLM,we got our 14 day permit and looked for a spot, it was still pretty crowded with large groups of RVers , cars and people  coming and going. It looked like everyone was having a great time.  We knew it wouldn’t work with  our dogs, they aren’t used to busy campgrounds and neither are we, so we moved down highway 95 to The Road Runner BLM.


Our site at Road Runner, I think the Saguaro is on his way out.


This site is farther done the road, we would stay here another time.



Some of our neighbours.


Never seen this before.


Q was still pretty busy when we first arrived  but there has been a pretty steady stream of RVs  heading down highway 95 each day.


Our friend Denise is here, staying in one of the Long Term Visitors Area closer to town. And we met George and Susie Yates, whose blog we have read for a long time. Skip actually recognized their RV  from the highway and we drove in and introduced ourselves. Had a nice visit with them.


A couple of days later they moved down to Road Runner for a couple of day, and parked near us. We enjoyed  visiting with them, Denise came over one afternoon to meet them , and we had  East, West, and Central Canada.




George and Susie left this morning heading for Ehrenberg and full hook-ups. Had enough of dry camping I think, and they have park memberships and this stay is free.

We are at 123 days without services.

We aren’t sure how long we are staying in Quartzsite and haven’t decided where we will wander next, it’s all weather dependent at this point. We want to start our trip home around the first of March, we had the atlas out this morning but we haven’t decided on our route yet.



Got up the other morning and there is Jake in Louie’s bed, on the dash. Don’t know how he fits, Louie is 22 pounds..Jake is 110 pounds.