Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wind is Blowing Hard !

What a difference a day makes, yesterday was warm, we spent the day sitting in the sun reading, barbequed burgers for supper, a lovley day, this morning the wind started blowing, it was still warm but very windy off and on all day, so we spent most of our time inside, other than going into Borrego Springs to fill our water bottles at the state park. Yesterday just about dinner time, our friends Gay and Martin pulled in. They were parked by us, when we were here last Nov. We are in our old spot and they are in their same spot. They are also from Vancouver Island.

We continue to have problems with our  verizon  signal, it cuts in and out. We will be getting  an antenna hopefully in a few days.  I  still can't upload any pictures. I have lost the connection  about four times since I started typing tonight. I don't remember having this problem last time we were here.

We are going to take a run into Indio  to pick up a few things tomorrow, hopefully  the wind will have eased somewhat.


Friday, January 28, 2011

We are back at Anzo Borrego State Park.

We are back at Borrego after three days at the Slabs, where we started to have trouble with our Verizon signal, it would drop off and disconnect every few minutes. On Wednesday we packed up and headed for Borrego, we got a nice private spot on Clark Dry Lake Bed, fired up the computer and no signal at all, really annoying.  Thursday after trying to contact Verizon by cell phone, only to have every call dropped, we headed to the library at Borrego Springs to use their Wifi and to find out where the nearest Verizon store was. Turns out there is one in Indio, so early this morning we took the tracker and the dogs and headed to Indio, found the Verizon store, only to be informed they don't do technical work, we needed to go up the road to La Quinta for that, it was only a short drive so we headed there. Found the store, went in explained the problem, fired up the computer, used the air card,it worked fine, Grrr. Of course it would.  Back at our rig no signal, so we drove around the camping area looking for a spot that would pick up a signal, finally we got two bars, in the exact site we parked last  November. So we moved but it's still not a good signal.

It is so nice to be back at Borrego, I didn't like Slab City at all, I get the concept, I just don't like all the garbage.  Salvation Mountain was amazing, we met Leonard who built it, he is pretty frail looking, but says he still works at it.

I can't upload any pictures, I will try again tomorrow. I wonder if there is  a signal booster (antenna ?) I can get.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Ready to Leave and a Little Culture Shock

We spent the last two days cleaning the motor home, doing laundry, and bathing the dogs.We are leaving Hickiwan Trails first thing in the morning, we hope to stay at the BLM camp ground at Ogilby Rd. just over the border in California. We are going to  get the oil changed in the mh and the tracker, in Yuma, before we head to Slab City. We are so glad we came to this part of Arizona, the weather has been wonderful, and we loved the Sonoran Desert.

Yesterday we had to go to Ajo to pick up a few things and go to the bank, we decided to take the laundry with us and do it there instead of  here at the park. while we were there we saw a really old trailer that had been parked a couple of sites over from us for a few days. It was so funky I had taken a picture of it.

The owner came in, and I was about to say hello, when I noticed he was wearing a gun, and a bandolier
with bullets. Now I know that is the law here in Arizona, a person can carry a gun, even a concealed weapon, but I hadn't seen anyone carrying a weapon. I found it really upsetting, why do you wear a gun to the laundromat.  We saw his trailer here at Hickiwan this morning, but he left early.

I see the fourteen day forecast  for Niland Ca is for temp in the low 70's, that will be just right .


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Desert Hike and Another Change in Plans

Today when we came back from our morning walk, there was a motor home parked next to us,we have been really lucky so far in that we  have always had at least one space between us and our nearest neighbours. It is really unsettling to open the door and have someone right there.

We spent the afternoon walking across the desert, through washes and groves of Mesquite, I was looking for crystals, and Skip was looking for quartz roses. I  found a few little crystals, Skip didn't find any roses but we had fun looking.

We have been waiting to hear when the new top for our tracker was being shipped, we were told two to three weeks when we ordered,which was three weeks ago today   So we got an email from the company telling us the top was back ordered until at least Feb. 15.  We talked it over and decided to cancel the top, we will order one when we get home. So we will not be going to Tuscon, we are going to see the Slabs near Niland Ca, then go back to Borrego for a while, of course that could change too.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hanging Out at Hickiwan Trails

We had kind of a lazy day other than walking the dogs three times and having one last look for the elusive stone man.  I would guess that at least 80% of the rvers here have at least one dog, Louie is being a real pain by growling at every dog that walks by.

We set out this afternoon  to have one last look for the stone man that  may or may not be out in the desert.  We found the cross we had been told was there.

Then we searched for another fifteen minutes and finally Skip found him.

 We had been close to him a couple of times but never saw him.

We came across an odd thing in a wash, at the base of the mountain, first we saw one hiking boot, and then another a few feet  away. The boots seemed to be in good condition. Perhaps they fell off an ATV or bike, although we didn't see any tracks. Of course I forgot to take a picture.

We have been  so lucky with the weather the last couple of weeks, it was a little cloudy this morning, but it was warm, speaking of warm, it was 60F at home today, but raining. That broke records going back to the 1940's.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back at Hickiwan Trails.

Well we are back at Hickiwan Trails for another week, we still haven't got the word that our new  top for the tracker is ready, so we decided to stay in this area, until we get word that it has been shipped to Tuscon. I thought we might go back to Ajo but Skip wanted to come back to Hickiwan, so here we are.
It is good for the dogs here, we take them down a dirt road into the desert  and let them off their leashes, Sophie and Louie just run and run, Jake isn't high energy he kind of ambles along.

We quite liked Organ Pipe Park, but it wasn't dog friendly, we did the Arjo Mountain Loop, which was a 21 mile drive through some spectacular  scenery. We didn't do any of the hikes,cause I was too sore after my tumble the other day.

These pictures are from the Arjo Mountain Loop

This Organ Pipe Cactus has a growth called a crest growing on one of the arms

Arch Canyon  from the trail head

Louie is fine after his encounter with the cactus, I think we were lucky to get all the spines out. I don't know what we would have done if it was Jake, I know he would never have sat still to have them pulled out.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Organ Pipe Monument....Ouch!

We left Hickiwan Trails yesterday, filled up the propane at Why, and headed for Organ Pipe Monument, we were  assigned a spot in a row by ourselves.

The sites are fairly small with a picnic table and a grill.

We checked out the amphitheatre, where they give talks in the evening, last nights was on the birds of the desert.

There isn't many places that dogs are allowed, one being the perimeter trail that edges the campground.
We attempted that trail last night, I don't know who decided it would be a good place to walk dogs, it is about two feet wide, and  edged by cholla cactus. I had both Bostons on short leashes and while I was trying to keep Sophie away from the cactus, I  stepped on one of the loose rocks and fell, I don't know how I hit the ground more than once, but I did. Skip said I was tumbling. All I know is it hurt like hell and I was sure glad no one else was watching. Then I noticed poor  Louie, I hadn't let go of the leashes and I guess I dragged him into the cactus. He had a big piece stuck on his face, with most of the spines under his chin.

They drop pieces on the ground

The spines really hurt.

Skip carried him back to the RV, and held him while I took them out, I had gardening gloves with me,
so I was able to grab them  and pull them out. He was so good even though it must have really hurt, his poor little chin and neck were bleeding. And I have bruises all over.

So while we are here, they will have to walk through the campsite  and along the roads. We will be heading towards Tucson  on Saturday, we haven't heard when they are shipping the new top for the tracker, but we will head that way, and find somewhere to stay until we can pick it up.

We didn't do much today, went for a short drive to Lukeville, where the border crossing in to Mexico is.

Saw the border fence for the first time.

And the cool fainting Saguaro.

He had a buddy to catch him.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Day At HickiwanTrails

And a busy day it was,  we met the park host this morning, he told us he had read our blog, he knows Al and Kelly from The Bayfield Bunch, and he read about us on their blog. He told me the stone man I have been looking for is no more. Apparently someone disassembled it and made a cross.

After our walk with the dogs, we drove down to Organ Pipe National Monument, to check out their campsites, we got gas at the casino, and we spotted this guy.

This the first Road Runner I have been able to get a picture of.

Although it was only around 20 miles to the campground at OPM, we must have seen 20 border patrol vehicles, plus we went through a checkpoint.
 When we got to the campground, we told the park rangers we wanted to look at the campsites, they told us to go ahead and find one we liked and that they would look for us tomorrow.  The campground was less than one-third full, with whole rows empty.  So we will go there tomorrow and stay a few days.

Skip and I spent three hours wandering around the desert,looking for quartz roses, we didn't find many of them but we got some pretty pieces to put  in stepping stones when we get home. Just as we were heading back to the park we spotted these guys again.

We have really enjoyed our time at Hickiwan Trails,  it is a small park, and not fancy, but there is lots of  desert to explore and nice clean sites to just sit and relax, and it is dog friendly.


Monday, January 10, 2011

The Elusive Stone Man

We spent several hours yesterday looking for  the stone man that Al of The Bayfield Bunch assures me is in the desert here at Hickiwan Trails. We went east through the desert and around the ridge.

We walked the desert floor, through washes, around cactus, no sign of the man.

Skip kept searching the  desert, while I climbed to the top of the ridge to look from there.

At the top of the ridge I looked all around

In all directions


I climbed down, and we kept looking, until we found.

Kind of looks like the stone mans' dog.

maybe tomorrow.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

We found them, or they found us.

We mostly hung out at the motor home today, other than  going to the store. There was a craft sale down by the entrance to the park, it was being put on by the Why pensioners,  so we walked  down and had a look , there was jewelry, bead work and some beautiful baskets. They were also selling lunch but we had already eaten.

There is a truck and camper parked next to us, the man  is from Lake Cowichan about 50 miles south of us, next to him are a couple from Campbell River about 100 miles north of us. I don't know who's minding the store, there are so many BC  RVs  here.

Just before sunset we took the dogs for a walk through the desert and there were the donkeys.

They saw us and moved away, and we continued our walk for another half hour or so.
On our way back to the park we saw them again.

There were five altogether. They must have heard we were looking for them yesterday.


Friday, January 7, 2011


Our Site  at Hickiwan Trails

This morning we went for a walk across the desert

Hedgehog Cactus

Chainfruit Cholla Cactus

A Chainfruit Skelton

Skip beside a Saguaro Cactus he is just over 6ft, the Saguaro has to be 20ft tall

Looking back at the valley

The top of the hill

Ocotillo  in bloom

We were looking for the wild donkeys, saw plenty of evidence  that they were around but we couldn't find them, maybe tomorrow.