Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back at Hickiwan Trails.

Well we are back at Hickiwan Trails for another week, we still haven't got the word that our new  top for the tracker is ready, so we decided to stay in this area, until we get word that it has been shipped to Tuscon. I thought we might go back to Ajo but Skip wanted to come back to Hickiwan, so here we are.
It is good for the dogs here, we take them down a dirt road into the desert  and let them off their leashes, Sophie and Louie just run and run, Jake isn't high energy he kind of ambles along.

We quite liked Organ Pipe Park, but it wasn't dog friendly, we did the Arjo Mountain Loop, which was a 21 mile drive through some spectacular  scenery. We didn't do any of the hikes,cause I was too sore after my tumble the other day.

These pictures are from the Arjo Mountain Loop

This Organ Pipe Cactus has a growth called a crest growing on one of the arms

Arch Canyon  from the trail head

Louie is fine after his encounter with the cactus, I think we were lucky to get all the spines out. I don't know what we would have done if it was Jake, I know he would never have sat still to have them pulled out.


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