Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wind is Blowing Hard !

What a difference a day makes, yesterday was warm, we spent the day sitting in the sun reading, barbequed burgers for supper, a lovley day, this morning the wind started blowing, it was still warm but very windy off and on all day, so we spent most of our time inside, other than going into Borrego Springs to fill our water bottles at the state park. Yesterday just about dinner time, our friends Gay and Martin pulled in. They were parked by us, when we were here last Nov. We are in our old spot and they are in their same spot. They are also from Vancouver Island.

We continue to have problems with our  verizon  signal, it cuts in and out. We will be getting  an antenna hopefully in a few days.  I  still can't upload any pictures. I have lost the connection  about four times since I started typing tonight. I don't remember having this problem last time we were here.

We are going to take a run into Indio  to pick up a few things tomorrow, hopefully  the wind will have eased somewhat.


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  1. It was those big Southwest winds that caused us to leave Boreggo Springs early last March because it had beat us up so bad. Actually a lot of people left at that time because of the winds. As much as we love the Southwest, it is the winds that cause us the most grief from time to time!!