Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hickiwan Trails

We said goodbye to Darby Wells Road and our lovely campsite, we both felt sad to be leaving the desert we liked so well.  Stuart (middle son) wondered if the isolation bothered me, I never felt isolated

Maybe to some people.

A beautiful sunset

I felt really bad about taking down the humming bird feeder, I waited until everything  else was packed away. I could see them looking for it. I don't know if I will put  it up again, it seems  so mean to feed them for  two weeks and then take their food away.

We arrived at Hickiwan Trails  yesterday afternoon, the  park is about 60% full, but we are lucky to no one on either side of us.

I forgot to take a picture of our site, will do that tomorrow.

Today we did laundry then headed out for a walk

We were heading for this ridge

Once again Google won't let me post the rest of the pictures. Our  walk was not too long, because Sophie stepped on Cholla Cactus and got a paw full of spines,  Skip got them out and she is fine, but we decided to do the hike  another day without the dogs.



  1. If you head north from the campground towards the 3 small hills there won't be as much prickly stuff as there is along the foot of the ridge. There is a bit of a road you can walk back along that starts at the campground. The wild donkey gang usually hangs out around the small hill on the left. We have climbed atop all 3 hills plus the ridge.

  2. Great sunset photo. Enjoy your time at Hickiwan.