Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Ready to Leave and a Little Culture Shock

We spent the last two days cleaning the motor home, doing laundry, and bathing the dogs.We are leaving Hickiwan Trails first thing in the morning, we hope to stay at the BLM camp ground at Ogilby Rd. just over the border in California. We are going to  get the oil changed in the mh and the tracker, in Yuma, before we head to Slab City. We are so glad we came to this part of Arizona, the weather has been wonderful, and we loved the Sonoran Desert.

Yesterday we had to go to Ajo to pick up a few things and go to the bank, we decided to take the laundry with us and do it there instead of  here at the park. while we were there we saw a really old trailer that had been parked a couple of sites over from us for a few days. It was so funky I had taken a picture of it.

The owner came in, and I was about to say hello, when I noticed he was wearing a gun, and a bandolier
with bullets. Now I know that is the law here in Arizona, a person can carry a gun, even a concealed weapon, but I hadn't seen anyone carrying a weapon. I found it really upsetting, why do you wear a gun to the laundromat.  We saw his trailer here at Hickiwan this morning, but he left early.

I see the fourteen day forecast  for Niland Ca is for temp in the low 70's, that will be just right .



  1. Yes, I feel somewhat the same when I see people walking around with guns here in Arizona. It's the young guys that bother me the most because I know they don't have the maturity level to handle the gun responsibly. By the way, both Shell Stations in Gila Bend offer free dumping & water if your ever in that area again. Propane as well. We prefer the one at the north end of town because it is not as busy as the other one plus they have a big new paved parking lot now.

  2. That is disturbing, funny what we are used to and not used to, and how a line on a map makes such a difference in percetions. PS word is one of your sons is seeing a real live girl.

  3. at least one.. seeing as this one is married to one.