Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Been Gardening and Renovating.

 We have been home two months and we have spent all our time working. I'm not complaining because most my work has been in the garden. Although it's been a cool spring, we didn't have any frost or snow since we got home in the middle of March. Perfect growing weather for a most plants including weeds.
A lot of plants are late blooming, a few didn't make it through the winter, including a big clematis that used to cover one side deck. I cut most of it back hopefully it will leaf out this year and bloom next year.

Jake kept burying himself in the clematis trimmings

The kitchen reno is coming along, Skip still has to make the cupboard doors, and build a new island, but
what a difference already

Like everyone else we have been disappointed with the spring weather, makes us really appreciate getting away last winter.