Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coon Hollow LTVA


When we went looking for Geodes we drove down Wiley Well Rd  past two LTVAs, (long term visitor areas).Wiley Well Road LTVA is nine miles from highway 10 and Coon Hollow is three miles farther. We were camped a mile past it, so one day we drove through it.

Coon Hollow LTVA is different from others we have seen, the cost is the same $180.00 for the season, or $40.00  for 14 days. There is a RV dump, garbage cans, pit toilets, water (though I heard it doesn’t taste too good) . The sites are a good  size with picnic tables and some had ramada over them.




Some people looked like they were  there for the season, there were about 30 sites in all, and there was a camp host.


We are still at Holtville BLM, but we are leaving in the morning, first we are going to El Centro, to go to Costco, then we are going back to Yuma (Ogilbe Rd) for a couple of days.We want to replace two plates that got broken on the way into this campground.We bought them at Frys so we are crossing our fingers that they will still have them.


We also had a drawer fall out and break, but Skip was able to fix it.


We are going to be heading up to Desert Center Wednesday or Thursday, probably for two or three days, after that  we are thinking of  the Sawtooth Mountains near Barstow.

Hard to believe we will be home in two or three weeks.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hunting for Geodes


Last Wednesday we travelled the twenty miles from Quartzsite to Blythe, where we bought  groceries, then headed down Highway 10 to Wiley Wells Road.The  road is paved for the first three miles until it reached the state prison.


After that it was washboard for ten miles.  It took an hour to reach  the BLM camping area. Six miles down the road passed Wiley Wells LTVA,  Coon Hollow LTVA  is nine miles from the prison and one mile from the free 14 day BLM.

The signs say Wilderness and it certainly was desolate. No cell phone, no internet, no people.




There were no RVs  when we arrived, but later a fifth wheel with Ontario plates parked about a half mile away.


The Hauser Geode Bed was six miles  from where we camped.



Not the prettiest desert



A survivor


The Geode Beds


Because we are complete novices at rock hounding we just looked for spots where other people had been digging.


We had a small pick, a hand trowel, a shovel and one ice cream bucket.


And a great view.


We did find some Geodes they are not spectacular, but we like them  and we had so much fun.




We are at  Holtville BLM for a few days, we have about three weeks before we start heading north, not sure what we will go from here.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Passing Through Q


Actually we have been here a few days, waiting for the weather to warm up a bit, we didn’t have any of the snow that other parts of Arizona got, but we have had frost several mornings and some rain the day before yesterday. The big crowds have left Quartzsite and we have few neighbors here on Polomosa Rd. The dogs are not very happy as they are back on their leashes, we haven’t seen any coyotes, but we have heard all the horror stories of them snatching small dogs, right in the campgrounds.


We are off this morning on our way to search for Geodes south of Blythe, we will be  at the dispersed camping off Wileys Well Rd. We have never done any rock hounding, but we got a pick and some gloves here in Quartzsite and we will give it a try.

We plan to stay for five or six days, then we will probably go to Holtville,( if it’s warm there}, before we start our trip north.We only have about four weeks before we are due home.


We don’t know if we will have internet  for the next week, so if I don’t answer emails that is why.


Friday, February 1, 2013

It’s All In My Head.


Like a lot of other RVers  I have my own version of the “Crud”, so far it is just from the neck up, sore throat, ear ache, and a head ache. That is enough.

We are still in California on BLM land not far from the Arizona border, other than a few trips into Yuma, for groceries and to the Laundromat  we have been staying pretty close to our site.

I was walking  three to four miles by myself and then another mile  with the dogs later in the day. Yesterday I could only do two miles and today I just walked  with the dogs, hopefully tomorrow I will do better.

Some pictures from our desert walks.



My favorite picture of Jake





Skip rode his bike by the property  on American Girl Mine Rd, where they put in a well, the fellow said they went down 450 ft. H e told him the water was for a mine that was starting in the hills, He said they were taking rock out.


Two Tailless Bostons,