Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Passing Through Q


Actually we have been here a few days, waiting for the weather to warm up a bit, we didn’t have any of the snow that other parts of Arizona got, but we have had frost several mornings and some rain the day before yesterday. The big crowds have left Quartzsite and we have few neighbors here on Polomosa Rd. The dogs are not very happy as they are back on their leashes, we haven’t seen any coyotes, but we have heard all the horror stories of them snatching small dogs, right in the campgrounds.


We are off this morning on our way to search for Geodes south of Blythe, we will be  at the dispersed camping off Wileys Well Rd. We have never done any rock hounding, but we got a pick and some gloves here in Quartzsite and we will give it a try.

We plan to stay for five or six days, then we will probably go to Holtville,( if it’s warm there}, before we start our trip north.We only have about four weeks before we are due home.


We don’t know if we will have internet  for the next week, so if I don’t answer emails that is why.



  1. At least you're keeping them on a leash. I read another one that doesn't even knowing the danger.

  2. Only a month left.....where did the time go:((

  3. Good to hear you never got any snow. Hope things warm up fast for you. Be interested in hearing about your rock hounding adventures.