Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home One Week


And it’s been  busy busy. The motorhome is mostly unpacked, we found most of the things we packed away before we left.  It’s odd being back in our home, it is a small house that seems large in the spring. We seem to have so much stuff.

Owl canyon was a good end to our winter travels, we took a ride through Rainbow Canyon, it was pretty amazing , bright bright green, red, yellow, orange. We had a couple of really hot days, it was so quiet….until they dropped their bombs or whatever they did at Fort Irwin. It happened  everyday about four explosions, then nothing, we never saw a plane.




Our trip home was pretty uneventful, no snow at all, but torrential rains in central and northern California made for a pretty stressful drive. We stayed  at casinos for most of the trip home.




This small dog area in Oregon has a fire hydrant in it. Don’t understand why people refuse to pick up after their dogs!






Skip’s sister Pam lives in Anacortes WA just about 40 miles from the Canadian Border, we  stay at the RV park at the Casino, so we can visit with her, and we had dinner at a pub in Anacortes.

We had no problems crossing the border, a few questions and Welcome Home!

It’s warm enough to do a bit of clean up in the yard,


Skip’s cleaning the Oak leaves out of the pond


We have a lot of deer in the neighborhood and they have found a way into our yard even with a solid cedar fence. Every tulip, day lily, hyacinth  is gone. The Camellia are chewed up. Apparently they don’t like these Crocus, but all the rest are gone.


I took Sophie and Louie  across the road to the oceanfront park




That little island is called Mistaken Island, it is privately owned, I think it may be a summer place. When we moved here almost 30 years ago we met a  lady who had lived there as a child, her father had raised blue fox there before WW Two.

It’s good to be home, it feels odd to have neighbors so close, after the wide open desert, it’s great to have  long showers if we want, for us the space is nice, after 5 months in 30ft Rv with no slides, but all in all we did pretty good dry camping for 150 days. We didn’t lack for anything, never ran out of power, or water, had all the internet we needed. We spent time with some of our friends,.. made new friends.

Son Edward come to visit us in Borrego Springs which was fun, shared an interesting experience with him on Ghost Mountain.



The dogs are glad to be home, as soon as they realized they were home, they ran and ran around the yard. Think they miss the warmth of the southwest though.