Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Day Trip Across the Island


We have been wanting to drive to the west coast of the island via highway 18 which crosses the island from the town of Duncan which is approximately  60 miles from our house.

We were up early and on the road by 8:15,although the road was paved all the way,it was  pretty  windy, with lots of small narrow, one way bridges.


This is an active logging area and we saw many logging trucks, the logged areas look pretty ugly, but they are replanted and  logged again. This area was first logged in the late eighteen hundreds

IMG_3790-001.This piece has been replanted part way.


This piece will be ready for harvesting soon.


We came to a  small pull off, where we parked and walked a short distance to see the Harris Spruce.


This Sitka Spruce is about 266 ft. tall, there was no way I could get back far enough to get  the whole tree in. There is no way to know the age for the sure  but the best estimate is around 300 years old.


We  stopped at a couple of forestry campgrounds.

Lizard Lake is for tenting only


Fairy Lake will accommodate most RVs but there were a lot of low overhead branches.



After a couple of hours we reached Port Renfrew  on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


It was drizzling rain and cold so we didn’t linger.

Japan is out there some where.