Friday, February 1, 2013

It’s All In My Head.


Like a lot of other RVers  I have my own version of the “Crud”, so far it is just from the neck up, sore throat, ear ache, and a head ache. That is enough.

We are still in California on BLM land not far from the Arizona border, other than a few trips into Yuma, for groceries and to the Laundromat  we have been staying pretty close to our site.

I was walking  three to four miles by myself and then another mile  with the dogs later in the day. Yesterday I could only do two miles and today I just walked  with the dogs, hopefully tomorrow I will do better.

Some pictures from our desert walks.



My favorite picture of Jake





Skip rode his bike by the property  on American Girl Mine Rd, where they put in a well, the fellow said they went down 450 ft. H e told him the water was for a mine that was starting in the hills, He said they were taking rock out.


Two Tailless Bostons,





  1. Love the picture of Big Jake, he is a good looking boy.

    when are you coming home?


  2. The Crud is bad enough when your at home in the sticks & bricks but sometimes seems worse when traveling. Nice pic of Jake & the other two little Louie/Sophie Bums. Give em all a big smooch for us:))

  3. Ya, It's no fun being sick when you are on the road. I got a pretty bad case of something but thankfully I'm well on the mend now.

  4. Sorry to hear you are felling like curd, me too!! It can only get better. Hang in there. At least you are walking, I have to stay out of the wind.

  5. The Flu is really going around...probably picked it up back in civilization. Fanstic pix of Jake..he truly is a BIG BOY!