Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Desert Hike and Another Change in Plans

Today when we came back from our morning walk, there was a motor home parked next to us,we have been really lucky so far in that we  have always had at least one space between us and our nearest neighbours. It is really unsettling to open the door and have someone right there.

We spent the afternoon walking across the desert, through washes and groves of Mesquite, I was looking for crystals, and Skip was looking for quartz roses. I  found a few little crystals, Skip didn't find any roses but we had fun looking.

We have been waiting to hear when the new top for our tracker was being shipped, we were told two to three weeks when we ordered,which was three weeks ago today   So we got an email from the company telling us the top was back ordered until at least Feb. 15.  We talked it over and decided to cancel the top, we will order one when we get home. So we will not be going to Tuscon, we are going to see the Slabs near Niland Ca, then go back to Borrego for a while, of course that could change too.


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  1. Yep, I know what you mean by opening your door & having people right there!! Ray always tried to give us an outside spot so our door opened directly into the desert. As much as we like Hickiwan we still prefer to boondock near there simply because we do not like being crowded in any way shape or form. Coincdentally, I'm planning on posting some Slab City stuff tonight. On your way to Slab City there is a nice fairly new Wallyworld in the south end of Brawley. If your interested in scenic drive to the Slabs just head north on Ogilbe road west of Yuma. Turn left at the eventual T-intersection & go right through the Imperial Sand Dunes via Glamis. (I-10 from Yuma to El Centro is totally boring!!( You will see lots of ATV's etc flying around in the Sand Dunes around Glamis. There is also a free dump & water station between Brawley & Nyland....right hand side about 10 miles north of Brawley. Just remembered, there was some major construction north of Brawley last year as they were constructing a Brawley by-pass I think so things may have changed up that way.