Saturday, January 8, 2011

We found them, or they found us.

We mostly hung out at the motor home today, other than  going to the store. There was a craft sale down by the entrance to the park, it was being put on by the Why pensioners,  so we walked  down and had a look , there was jewelry, bead work and some beautiful baskets. They were also selling lunch but we had already eaten.

There is a truck and camper parked next to us, the man  is from Lake Cowichan about 50 miles south of us, next to him are a couple from Campbell River about 100 miles north of us. I don't know who's minding the store, there are so many BC  RVs  here.

Just before sunset we took the dogs for a walk through the desert and there were the donkeys.

They saw us and moved away, and we continued our walk for another half hour or so.
On our way back to the park we saw them again.

There were five altogether. They must have heard we were looking for them yesterday.



  1. There are a lot of Organ Pipe cactus in the little valley on the other side of the ridge to the East, The Desert Stoneman is there, as well as many Saguaro's & other flora & fauna.

  2. Really cool donkey pictures! Glad that you have managed to see them.