Monday, January 3, 2011

Tomorrow we leave Darby Wells Road

We have decided to move on tomorrow, we have been here near Ajo AZ for 15 days, haven't seen a ranger,just the border patrol going by a couple of times a day. We were talking to one couple who have been here for 10 weeks at the same site. On BLM land it's supposed to be maximum of 14 days.

We are going to miss the desert here, on the other hand we have gone 51 straight days of boon docking, and we are going to Hickiwan Trails RV Park just 12 miles south of here. I think we will like it there, we drove around it last week, and it is small, but the sites are bigger than most we have seen around  this area.

For some reason Google is not letting me add pictures tonight, very frustrating! I will try again tomorrow.


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  1. Say hello to Ray at Hickiwan Trails for us. It is a great place for morning desert walks & we have many pleasant memories from there. See if you can find the wild Donky gang, the tiny cave, the Desert Stone Man, etc, You will see a ridge to the east & that is a good destination. Head for it & go around the right side to access the valley beyond. The closer you get to the ridge the greener the desert becomes & on the other side of the ridge is another valley filled with Saguaro & Organ Pipe cactus....& the Desert Stone Man. I hope Ray has the internet connection problems solved. If not, just drive up the road towards Why & watch for another RV spot on the right called Coyote Howls. Park across the road & see if they still have a strong Wifi connection. We, & others did that 4 years ago before Hickiwan had Wifi.....