Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Day At HickiwanTrails

And a busy day it was,  we met the park host this morning, he told us he had read our blog, he knows Al and Kelly from The Bayfield Bunch, and he read about us on their blog. He told me the stone man I have been looking for is no more. Apparently someone disassembled it and made a cross.

After our walk with the dogs, we drove down to Organ Pipe National Monument, to check out their campsites, we got gas at the casino, and we spotted this guy.

This the first Road Runner I have been able to get a picture of.

Although it was only around 20 miles to the campground at OPM, we must have seen 20 border patrol vehicles, plus we went through a checkpoint.
 When we got to the campground, we told the park rangers we wanted to look at the campsites, they told us to go ahead and find one we liked and that they would look for us tomorrow.  The campground was less than one-third full, with whole rows empty.  So we will go there tomorrow and stay a few days.

Skip and I spent three hours wandering around the desert,looking for quartz roses, we didn't find many of them but we got some pretty pieces to put  in stepping stones when we get home. Just as we were heading back to the park we spotted these guys again.

We have really enjoyed our time at Hickiwan Trails,  it is a small park, and not fancy, but there is lots of  desert to explore and nice clean sites to just sit and relax, and it is dog friendly.


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  1. Yes, there is a stone cross back there as well which I had forgot about. Not far from the Stoneman which I suspect is still there. 'Not fancy' is one of the reasons we really liked Hickiwan Trails:)) I think you will really enjoy that 25 mile Ajo Loop drive. There are some really nice hiking trails along the way. On the same side bach towards Why is another road that leads into a parking lot. From there you can hike a short distance in a small canyon to an old brick building which was originally part of a ranch. If you type 'Organ Pipe National Monument' into our Search bar it will take you to our day trips in that area.