Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Trip to Julian

It was cold here yesterday, (Wednesday) in fact it was warmer back home, so we decided to take a trip to Julian which is a small town 28 miles west of Borrego Springs.  What a road, lots of twists and turns, we went from the desert of Borrego to a little mountain town, with trees and we're talking pine trees and houses with lawns. Julian's elevation is 4000 ft, and was it cold there.

There are a lot of old historical buildings in Julian, unfortunately it was so cold we didn't take many pictures, it is an old mining town and quite picturesque. It is also known for its apple orchards and every restaurant claims to have the best apple pie. Naturally we had to try some at the Julian Cafe and it was pretty darn good. We are planning to go back to Julian  on a warmer day.

This was the only picture I could download. We haven't got our antenna yet, and it will be next week  before we get it I am sure. first it was back ordered until the 1st of Feb. Then  the weather back east is affecting delivery.

Today we hiked to Hellhole Canyon and Maidenhair falls, a waterfall is the last thing we expected to see in the desert. It was a really neat hike, tomorrow I will go to the library in Borrego Springs and down load the pictures.



  1. I wonder how people would react down there if you told them it was warmer in Canada? Hope you people and dogs are enjoying it despite the life sapping cold. Enjoy but hope to see you soon.

  2. We've been to Julian 3 times & it was cold every darn time we were there. Love the winding road drive. Marshall South from 'Ghost Mountain' is buried in Julian. We may be heading for Borrego Springs before too long....