Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Trip to Temecula and The Wind Returns

 Yesterday we drove  to the city of Temecula, about 60 miles from Borrego Springs, we had to buy dog food, which is really expensive here in Borrego. It was a lovely drive starting with the Montezuma Highway, I have no pictures of the drive, mostly because of the traffic. Everyone drives so fast here, if their not passing they are riding right on the back bumper. We made the mistake of taking the dogs with us and it was really hot, so we didn't get a chance to look around at all. If we get a chance we will go back, although our time here is passing quickly, and we have a list of things we want to do, before we leave.

The wind started blowing around five yesterday afternoon, and blew really hard  all night. It was hard to sleep it was so noisy, it has been blowing off and on all day, although it was really warm, around 80F.

I didn't take an pictures today, so here are some I  haven't had a chance to post.

Skip and the dogs on Clark dry lake bed

Louie found a hole.


These statues are a tribute to the field workers who worked here prior to the United Farm Workers boycott

Babies with their moms.

And another Borrego sunset



  1. We sure know about those winds in Borrego Springs & actually left the Clark Dry Lake Bed earlier last March because we couldn't take the continous winds day after day. Depending on how this ranch deal goes, we may or may not get to Borrego Springs this year.....

  2. definitely have to check out those sculptures. Great story.