Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Raining ....

The weather forecast was for rain starting this afternoon and raining through the night, so far it's been right on.
We can't complain this is the first rain we have had since before Christmas. We went for a bit of a drive today, and then went to Calico's for lunch. This was the first time we went there, it is a tiny little cafe with quite a varied menu.We both enjoyed our lunch.

We are camping on land that is privately owned, we have heard a two different stories about the owners, one version is that the person who owns the land intended to  start a gravel pit, but didn't have the right zoning, got mired in paperwork and eventually walked away from  it all. The second story we have heard is that the land is owned by three business men who use it as a tax write off. I don't know for  sure but I think the  first version is more plausible. We camped here last November and liked it so well we came back in Feb. When we have been here there has been any where from  about 10 to 25 RVs here. Everyone is pretty respectful of the land, takes their garbage out with them etc.

I  sure hope the rain doesn't last too long we have several hikes we want to do before we leave this
area, Palm Canyon is one, and we'd love to climb Ghost Mountain again.


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  1. Calico's is where we first heard of & ate an egg pocket. We just may roll out for Borrego Springs Sunday morning......