Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Week in Borrego

After days of discussion and changes in plans, we have decided  to keep to our original plan, and visit Death Valley before we head home.  Before we left home last  November, one of our neighbours brought us a list of places he and his wife visited last year, he highly recommended Death Valley and said the ride through Titus Canyon was amazing. This was seconded by Deb Holder one of the owners of AM Solar in Oregon where we bought our solar panels. Deb and her husband boon dock around Shoshone and really love the area.

We have some things we want to do before we leave Borrego Springs, we want to climb Ghost Mountain again for sure, we had hoped to go back to Julian, but that isn't likely this trip.We also want to go down to
Brawly and El Centro. So the plan tonight is to leave here Wednesday or Thursday, spend a week  by
Death Valley and then head for home. That would get us home by the 16th or 17th of March.

When we were in Ajo Arizona, the citrus trees were loaded with fruit, and we started buying grapefruit, in the ten pound bag. Today we bought our sixth bag, which means we have eaten fifty pounds of grapefruit
since about the beginning of January. Actually I have eaten about 45 pounds of grapefruit, every once in a awhile I talk Skip into having one for breakfast, but he really prefers his eggs and hash brown potatoes.

We went to the fruit  stand today,

And  bought these grapefruit

And these Minneola tangelos which are a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine. They are also called a honey bell tangelo. Skip will eat these, they are really  sweet and juicy.

They cost $3.00 for a 10 pound bag of either grapefruit or tangelos.

There are  several citrus  farms here in Borrego, most of the fruit has been picked now.

We spotted a coyote crossing the road by our rig when we came back this afternoon, so it was back to
leashes for the Bostons today, Sophie was not impressed.



  1. those are my most favourite's..the oranges..I call them 'nipple' oranges..or minneolas..and you are right they are delicious!...we can only buy them for about a month after Christmas!...another reason we need to go south!!

  2. We may not be too far behind you heading up into that Death Valley territory. That area has been on our list as well for this trip. Like Skip, I'm not a grapefruit eater either. Eggs & hash browns work for me too. Maybe see you guys today eh:))

  3. That is one p.o.'d Boston bull.