Sunday, February 20, 2011

There is Snow on the Mountains

It has stopped raining, at least we haven't had any rain today, but it is cold and windy tonight. We haven't done anything much the last few days, we had rain through the night both Friday and Saturday night. It is a long weekend here in the states Monday is Washington's Birthday, there have been lots of RVs arriving and lots of motorcycles going up the road. The Santa Rosa Mountains have snow on them, in fact all the mountains we could see except Coyote had snow on the peaks.

There was water in the dry lake bed  yesterday

And rainbows

Two young men have pitched small tents about a hundred feet from us, I hope they know how cold it will be.

We have to take the motor home into town tomorrow to get propane, water and to dump our tanks, after that we hope to hike Palm Canyon, weather permitting. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share, and I won't feel like I am always talking about the weather.

We weren't on the bed



  1. Look at those two... they are so cute...


  2. Can you please turn the heat up over there in Borrego. We are not cold weather people & may be arriving there sometime this week. Nice rainbow photo:))