Saturday, February 26, 2011

Making Plans and Lunch with Al and Kelly

We have been making plans and changing them, and remaking  them. We spent the morning looking at maps, trying to decide where we should go when we leave Borrego Springs. We are pretty sure we want to go to Death Valley before we head home, but it would be nice to go up the California and Oregon Coast.

It's kind of hard to resist the ocean, but it is good to see new things, and time is flying by.

This afternoon we met Kelly and Al , whose blog we have been following for a couple years. We arranged to meet them at a cafe in town, we were a little nervous  but that didn't last long as we have a lot in common, including three dogs each, we ended up having a two hour lunch. Both Al and Kelly have been really helpful answering our questions and we have learned a lot about boon docking  in this area from their blog. So it was really great to meet them in person . Of course I didn't take a picture.



  1. Awwww shucks guys, no need to be nervous around us down to earth old Scruffians but I do know what you mean by being nervous when meeting new people. Happens to me all the time so I have a tendency to, well.....not meet a whole lot of new people. Glad we met you folks though.....for sure:))

  2. there is nothing like meeting bloggers!! meeting old friends!! am usually pretty nervous when it comes to meeting new people..but all the bloggers we have met already?.friends instantly! much in common and you feel like you know them already!!