Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hellhole Canyon and Maidenhair Falls

The hike to Hellhole Canyon  sure made us glad we came back to Borrego it is wonderful to see all the flowers.  I don't know what all the flowers are but the top one is definitely lavender, it smelt wonderful.

This one is like a daisy

Nature does a terrific job of landscaping

The Humming birds were loving this bush

The Trail to Hellhole Canyon was pretty easy at first

It got narrower and rockier as we went on, in some places it was hard to find the trail

We had to do a little rock scrambling as we went

We knew the falls were near some palm trees

In fact in some places we crawled underneath palm trees

Finally we found water

Not a lot of water but we were getting hopeful, that there would actually be a waterfall, we knew it was seasonal, but we had come a long way.

At last we heard the sound of water splashing,climbed  over some rocks and found Maidenhair Falls.

Named for the ferns that grow on the walls,

It was a good hike, a little difficult to find the trail in places but well worth it. We continue to be amazed by the change  in the vegetation in a few miles.

The weather has changed again, it was warm today, just about perfect for sitting outside reading.



  1. Always amazes me too how the vegitation changes with the altitude & it is something we notice all over the southwest. There is always more greenery at the base of mountains & ridges because of the water runoff. I remember doing that Hellhole Canyon hike a couple years ago. Lots of interesting plants. Have you done Alcoholic Pass. It's near you just on the other side of the Coyote Mountains. Nice hike & you get to sign a book at the top.

  2. Wonderful photos and even better scenery. You two look like your having a great time.


  3. What a beautiful hike! So nice to see flowers already!