Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Slow Day and Making Plans

We didn't do much today, actually that's not true, we got water, got rid of the trash, and did the laundry, then we did nothing. We spent the rest of the day sitting outside under the awning enjoying the benefits of our  new shade cloth screen.

We had bought shade cloth in Yuma before Christmas, but we had never decided on how to hang it from the awning. Until I read  in an RV forum, to buy screening spline,which looks like a little rubber rope, and fold the shade cloth over it and use a glue gun to hold it in place, kind of like  piping in upholstery. It took two us to make it, one folding and the other gluing, but it works like a hot damn, the edge fits in the slot on our awning and slide across.

Makes it a lot cooler for the dogs

We haven't figured out how we will anchor the bottom yet, right not we just clip it to the dog crate.

We have been discussing when we are going to head for home. we are thinking we will stay here another
couple of weeks.  Then we will head for the Soshone - Tecopa area of Death Valley. We have a friend that boondocks in that  area and  just loves it. So we will check it out for a while then make our way home . We haven't decided which route we will take, the California, Oregon Coast is always nice but we came that way
last Nov.  We have time to decide and that's part of the fun.


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  1. We have little clip on weights that go on the bottom of our shade cloth & hold it down. Works great.