Thursday, February 10, 2011

We got our antenna

We picked up our antenna today at the hardware store. The Antenna works fine, four bars on the Verizon card, the only thing is they sent a wrong part, we ordered a spring for the antenna and they sent an adaptor.
I emailed them right away , hopefully they will send the spring right  away.

On  Tuesday we hiked up Alcoholic Pass, it wasn't a long hike but it was a bit of work, but well worth it for the view.

The first part was a sandy path

Then it started to narrow as we climbed higher

Our tracker is down by the road if you click on the picture you can see it

The top of the pass

And a book to sign

Looking towards the other side of the pass, we went about a mile down and turned  around.

It was much easier, going back down the trail,

When we got to the bottom and drove out of Coyote Canyon we realized we had a broken tail pipe, we had been planning a trip to Indio anyway so that is what we did yesterday, got a new tail pipe and muffler, went to Home Depot, and Walmart, took Sophie and Louie, to get their nails cut. 

Today we stayed around the motor home, until it was time to pick up the antenna. I think that is what we will do tomorrow too, the weather has been so nice in the mid seventies, it's a good  to sit and read in the sun.


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  1. Heading up the Montezuma grade there is a campground on the right maybe two thirds up called Culp Valley I think. There are hiking trails there & you can get a great view of Borrego Springs & the Valley below....
    Palo Verde & Culp Valley Jeep Tour...