Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We found more statues in Borrego Springs

Today we drove up Montezuma Grade to the little town of Ranchita, we drove as far as the store, where we bought some ice cream before turning back to Borrego.

Ranchita is at an elevation of 5000 ft and the Montezuma Grade is a series of  curves and switchbacks.

Looking down on Borrego Springs

When we got back to Borrego we went looking for some more statues

this one is called rock climbing

Panning for Gold is my favorite

It has taken me two days to get these pictures uploaded, FedEx says the antenna will be here tomorrow, if that doesn't help, I guess we will move to a different spot. Yesterday  we hiked up Alcoholic Pass, that was fantastic, a beautiful day, and gorgeous views.


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  1. Looks like that metal statue artist guy has placed more of his work around. Hadn't seen those prospector ones before. Have you done the Borrego Slot Canyon yet. That is a really cool hike.