Thursday, February 24, 2011

Palm Canyon Hike

We finally got to hike Palm Canyon today and what a beautiful hike it was, The weather was perfect, and the desert was truly beautiful, all the flowers, at times we could smell a lovely perfume in the air. Not sure what it was, it wasn't the lavender.

Brittlebush with lavender behind  

The path was pretty good, most of the way, a lot of palms and rocks came down the canyon is a flash flood about ten years ago.

A couple of times we had to cross the creek on logs or stones.

We found this Datura growing on the side of a bank, I have grown them at home,I was neat to see one in it's natural habitat.

The palm grove was amazing, it was quite cool inside, a lot of palms were lost in the flood, but there are lot's of baby palms growing ing the creek bed.

On the way back down the canyon we took an alternate route, I was so happy to find this prickly pear in bloom. It's the first cactus I have seen in bloom on this desert.

I started this blog yesterday (Wed) but for some reason the pictures wouldn't load.  All of a sudden it has got
windy this morning, I hope it doesn't blow all day, at least it isn't cold . They are forecasting record breaking cold temp. for the island, it won't do the daffodils and crocus any good. 



  1. Yes that is a most beautiful destination to a desert hike. We were there last March, and will be there again this March. I saw your comment on Bayfield Bunch blog regarding the open site. We're anxious to find out if our site is open. We left a big fire pit, a big wood spool, a bird feeder platform and a biker wind whirlie.

  2. The Bayfield Bunch has landed in Borrego the oven:)) This is where we were parked a couple years ago. Friends of friends of ours built this oven, & others,

  3. Oh, LOVE the cactus flower, hope i can find some!!!

  4. found your blog through Al and Kelly...going to follow along for a while..we, too are from BC..Vancouver area...still working and dreaming though!