Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't You Get Bored ?

That's a question we get from our friends back home, and the answer is no. We always have something to do. Every few days we go to the state park to take our garbage, and fill up our water bottles.

We use this water for making coffee, watering the dogs, and washing dishes. It helps extend our on board water so we can go two weeks without filling.

We also have take our laundry to a laundromat every ten days or so, fortunately we have a good one here in  Borrego Springs. I think it's kind of cute.

It's even got  a few palm trees

Once we knew we were staying in this site for a while, we had to  build a fire pit, first we had to go find rocks and bring them back in the tracker.

Skip starting the pit

Didn't take long and it was finished

Today was cleaning day, having three dogs in a small space creates some challenges, one of them being dog hair, we don't have carpet so the floors get swept at least once a day, sometimes two or three times. Even though the dogs get to go off leash every day so they can run, it is never enough for the Bostons and at least once every day they do the Boston 500 which has a course that starts in the front of the motor homes goes straight to the back then half way back and  then a flying leap out the door ,around the crate, back in the motor home under the table then to the front. T his course has to be done several times, which gets Jake upset and he barks at them, and I yell at them, Skip thinks it's okay he says that's what dogs do.

Today I  made everyone go outside so I could vacuum and wipe everything down. I had sad faces staring through the screen door.

We have registered to  go on a sunset/moonlight hike next week, it is put on by the state park, they limit the hike to 15 people so I hope we get to go. We also want to hike up Ghost Mountain again next week. We really don't have time to get bored.



  1. Don't know if you have the Marshall South book or not but you can get it at the Desert Store across from Jilbartos or the State Park office. They also have guided tours up there & I took one of them last year. I also found a geo cache under a tree. If your standing facing the house & old bed is on your front left & cisterns on your front right, look to the right past the shallow adobe pool. There is a larger tree in the rocks & at the bottom of that should be the geo cashe. I saw a small orange garbage bag strap sticking out from under some rocks & that is how I found it. Thanks to the tour guide I was also able to find the spot where Marshall South went to write his articles for the Desert Magazine as well. Des Magazine.

  2. Loving the desert photos...keep sharing!! We'll be there next year!