Monday, February 24, 2014

Starting Our Trip Home With a Stop At Owl Canyon


We usually plan our winter trip so that we return home about the middle of March, this year we are going home a week earlier. When we were In Quartzsite we were  undecided  about our route home and where to spend the last couple of weeks before heading home.

We really liked staying at the Road Runner BLM, it was quiet, not many people, and lot’s of  room for the dogs

Sunrise at Road Runner



After two weeks at Road Runner, we headed back to Yuma to get the oil changed in the motor home and in the tracker.  We parked by a wash off Ogilbey Road way farther in than we usually park, other than a few trips to Yuma to get groceries and do laundry we just enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Sophie and Louie love it there because they can be off leash more.


Jake is  getting pretty grey and he doesn’t like to go for long walks anymore.


but sometimes he surprises us




One thing we will miss  when we go home.


Every night the sunset is amazing, like everyone else we  keep taking pictures.

On Friday we decided  that we would leave Ogilbey Rd  on Sunday right after the Gold Medal Hockey game.

Denise road her bike  down  from Quartzsite to meet us for lunch on Saturday, we were so happy we got to say good bye to her.

We overnighted at the Red Earth Casino and drove up highway 10 and highway 15 to Owl  Canyon BLM just north of Barstow CA.   So far we really like it here, there was one tent as we came in to the campground, other than that we haven’t seen a soul.

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We are staying here a few days, then we will start the journey home.



  1. Well looks like it will be next winter before we see you guys again. We'd been kinda wondering all along if Skip had got that bike in Borrego Springs. We will probably head out sometime early April...if all the snow's gone by then. Safe journey home & all the best for the summer.

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  3. Happy travels guys,I too left Q right after the hockey game and headed for at Corning,Rolling Hills Casino,doing the Cannon Ball Run for home.
    It was nice meeting you guys this season. Enjoy the slower run for home,at least this weeks snow should be gone for you.....maybe not for me.

  4. I'm so glad I got to meet you both this year! Have a wonderful drive home and we'll see you again next year at Q.

    Your sunset shot is absolutely beautiful! :)

  5. Be is still snowing in parts of BC.

  6. My goodness your title picture took my breath away!!!!! You are living my dream.... many blessings on your trip home.