Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Three Weeks in Borrego


Can’t believe it is over two weeks since I last posted, I guess we have been busy. We were disappointed we didn’t get to see more of Al and Kelly, they left Borrego earlier than planned when they had trouble with their Jeep. We were so glad we were home when they came to say bye.



See you soon I hopeP1010631

Butch says Hi Al and Kelly, he said he missed you by minutes.


We have made a couple of day trips, one to Indio to do some grocery shopping and a trip to Julian for some pie. We were wondering how they could possibly grow all the apples for the thousands of pies they make at the Julian Pie Company…..we were told they import them from Washington State.

We had to buy a new toilet for the RV, we got such amazing service for American RV, I ordered the new one online on a Tuesday evening,Wednesday morning they sent an email at saying it had been shipped, and we picked it up Thursday afternoon at the True Value Hardware Store in Borrego Springs.

Denise arrived here last Tuesday, she is parked in the site next to us.



Setting up her solar panels.

We took her on a tour of Borrego Springs, showed her some of the metal sculptures, the State Parks Headquarters, and drove part way up Montezuma Road. We were so excited to see these  Rams.



We have met a few other bloggers this year, Nina and Paul who we have been following for years, are parked behind us. and Denise introduced us to her friends Tom and Dianne, we are going to their site for a campfire tomorrow evening.

The day before yesterday a familiar truck and 5th wheel drove in, it was Ivan, who we met here in Borrego in 2011.





  1. Aha, so that's where that Ivan guy is. We were kinda half looking for him to blow into Congress from Bouse. Sounds like you have quite a little boondocking community over there. We're still waiting for a fellow to put our porch posts up before we hit the road again....

  2. nice to see a recap of your last two weeks! enjoy your time in the desert!!

  3. Sophie & Louie look so cute in that pic. How on earth did you get them to sit still long enough to snap the pic though !!

  4. You've been too busy to post! Glad you are enjoying your location and all the company.