Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Jake !


Our big boy Jake turned nine years old today.


He is getting pretty grey and he is moving slower, but all and  all he is in good shape.


A few days before we left Borrego Charlotte and Mike who we met last year came to stay at the Clark Dry Lakebed with their friends Don and Josie, who also live off grid on Lasqueti Island. At one point I counted 16 people camped around us who were from BC.

Yesterday we said  goodbye to everyone  and headed to El Centro to get groceries, and then moved on to Ogilbe  Road 12 miles outside of Yuma, we were lucky enough to get our favorite spot,with the cactus garden.


We are going to stay here a week or more, we want to go to Algodones Mexico one day and have a few day trips planned, other than that we intend to enjoy the sun.




  1. Happy Birthday Jake and enjoy the warmer weather!

  2. Atta boy Jake, you rock. We assume that little Louie guy is coming along just fine after his tale of tails. Not sure if we'll get much farther than Congress this winter. We've got just too darn comfortable for our own good here...........

  3. Happy Birthday Jake!!
    Enjoy the warm, it's below zero up here. The marsh near our place has been too frozen for the ducks and they've all had to move onto the creek.
    Edd & Megan

  4. Happy Happy birthday Jake!! hope it was a good one!!

  5. Slow but steady. Happy day Jake. Good to hear that all is well with you.