Saturday, December 4, 2010

For Love of Jake

Well we are still in Quartzsite, four days, I haven't taken any pictures in town yet, most of our time has been taken up with buying our new heater, and getting it set up. Thursday we went to town to buy a propane heater, the brand we wanted was no longer made, so we chose another one and after numerous
trips to town to buy propane hose and fittings, Friday it was all set to go, except it didn't work, so this morning while I did the laundry, Skip took the heater back to the store, it didn't work there  either, so the owner exchanged it for a new one which is working just fine.

When I thought about writing a blog about our travels I considered calling it For Love of Jake, so many decisions we have made and alterations we have done ( Skip) are to accomodate Jake

Jake is an English Bulldog-Rottweiler cross, on a good day he weighs about 110 lbs.
He can be pretty ferocious looking and he has a booming deep voice, but he is really gentle, he just takes
up sooo much room. and he is really a slow learner. When we took him to the vet at eight weeks, she said he has a big empty head and he is 100% exuberance, Good Luck. Was she ever right on, it took him about three years to learn what No means. He loves people but it is scary for most people to have this huge dog  leaping at them for attention.

He has always been so gentle with the Boston Terrorists who love him to death and climb all over him. He has never hurt them or even stepped on them accidently.
Louie likes to share Jakes bed, there used to be a couch where the shelves are, but there was no room for his bed. Our tracker used to have a back seat, but there was no room for him, so we took it out and put a dog bed in the back for him to lie on.

Jake and Sophie

Jake and Louis

Jake and Sophie
  Sophie is jealous,she wants to show off her new scarf,



  1. Great dog photos! I am one of those people who might be scared, though. I adore dogs I know, but dogs I don't??? hmmm. I was severely attacked once by two dogs that "wouldn't bite", so the fact that I still love dogs at all is great.

  2. I love those photos!! Hope we can meet up on the road someday so Sadie can play with Jake, Sophie & Louie!