Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally made it to Ogilby Road

We stayed longer  at Mittry Lake than  I thought we would Wednesday Skip wanted to do this

we did walk up the plateau behind us and found this pretty little stream

we wanted to walk farther but there was so much garbage and broken glass, we were afraid for the dogs,
Yesterday we went into Yuma and we were gone longer than we expected  so we didn't leave Mittry lake until 10 am today.

We got propane at Pilot Knob, Skip didn't want to pay $15.00 to dump there so we drove  to Gold Rock Ranch  about 12 miles round trip down a pretty rough road to dump there, which cost $15.00. Now he knows that is the going rate.

We are on American Girl Mine Rd, we got a site which is good as far as neighbours go, but is a little too close to the road so we will probably scout out another site tomorrow. I din't get any pictures today except of the sunset which was beautiful.

This is the second blog I have written tonight, I lost the first one due to a server error. I wanted to tell you about a man we met, but it is 11pm and I am too tired.


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  1. Sounds like dump prices have gone up in the area alright. I think it was $10 last year. Kelly just got me straightened out & reminded me that you folks have already been to Borrego Springs. I remember your hike up Ghost Mountain now:)) With so many of us traveling out here I sometimes forget who's been where & who's headed for what. Oh dear:((