Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We made it to Ajo

We  left  Yuma around  10.30 AZ time, and headed east and then south to Ajo, on the way we  stopped at a little town  called Dateland, and got another date shake, they could become addicting. We stopped at Gila Bend to get propane and gas, then drove the approx. 50 miles to Ajo. On the way we had to go through two Border Patrol checkpoints. Each of them had a dog sniffing the vehicles when they stopped, we were waved through both times.

We didn't see much  of Ajo, but it looks like a neat little town. We drove through town and a couple of miles down the highway we found Darby Wells Rd, where we intended to camp.  A few miles in we found a large site and set up camp. It looks like we are in the middle of nowhere, but there are at least ten other rigs spread  out over a few miles.the campsite sits high up off the road, with lots of  cactus and mountain views.

Jake and Sophie checking things out. I think those are mine tailings in the background.

Saguaro Cactus.

Tomorrow we will have time  explore  a bit and take a ride into Ajo.



  1. Ajo has a nice looking town center but it's not very busy because the after the big mine closed the town kind of died. They do have a mine museum there but not sure if it is still used. Grocery store is probably the busiest place in town. Be sure to do a day trip down to the Organ Pipe National Monument & take the 25 mile Ajo Mountain Loop drive. It starts across the highway from the State Park Visitor. Hickiwan Trails RV Park is located in Why which is on your way to Organ Pipe. Hickiwan Trails is on the highway to Tucson about a mile from Why behind the little Casino on left. Nice little RV Park with super reasonable rates. We put together a blogsite for them when we were there a couple years ago. http://hickiwantrailsrvpark.com/

  2. Looks like it's going well, how's the RV working? Did the headlight problems go away?
    Where are you going to be for Christmas? I'd like to give you a call, but you may have to settle for an email.

  3. I hear there's a ton of rain down there now. Hope everything is ok. Consider it some BC weather to make you feel at home. Love Edd

    *Merry Christmas*