Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Drive and a Hike up American Girl Mine Road

First of all Happy Birthday Alma, hope you have a great day.

for those of you who were asking Mittry Lake was about 12 miles east of Yuma Az, and Ogilby Rd is 12 miles west of Yuma in California. It gets pretty confusing with the time change, we though we would get an early start yesterday and go back to Yuma to exchange something we had bought the day before. after walking the dogs it wasn't until about 9am, that we left our campsite.Seems early enough but by the time we got  back to the store in Yuma it was almost 10.45, got a few groceries and drove back to our campsite and it was still only 10:30. I think.

It was so hot here yesterday we just hung around the motorhome the rest of the day. Took the dogs for a walk just around sunset when it was cooling off.

Looking  back at the motorhome
another gorgeous sunset

Just after sunset the wind picked up and did it blow,  all night, there was a tremendous screeching  and scraping noise about 3 am, we looked out and couldn't see any thing, but we think this poor old tree which had a bad lean, finally toppled over.
we are really glad we purchased a Claw to hold our dish, it never moves.
This morning we headed up American Girl Mine Road a few miles up and into the mountains

we found this huge open pit mine

We climbed down to the bottom

we then drove around the old roads and came across this

It looks like a place where they loaded the ore before they took the gold out.

We headed home for lunch, it is not quite as warm as yesterday, Skip and the dogs are snoozing, and I am about to find my book and relax  in the sun.



  1. Your pics are bringing back nice memories for us. The photo of the mine lake is where I hurt my arm by trying to throw some rocks out & land them far below in the water. My right are arm has never been the same & still gives me pain if I raise it over my head. Just a 66 year old big kid who figured he could still throw a rock a hundred miles I guess:)) Did you guys make it into the Kofa mountains south of Quartzsite? Nice area to spend some time....

  2. I just picked up your blog from Al's list. It also brings back good memories for us. Our first boondocking nights were here parked near Al & Kelly in Dec 2008.