Friday, December 24, 2010

We Had Two Visitors Today

Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope everyone's day is just the way you want it to be.

We had another beautiful warm sunny day here in the Sonoran Desert. We did nothing all morning,but sit in the sunshine, that's not quite true I started building a fire pit and Skip cleaned the windows in the motor home.

We had our first visitor just before we left to explore the  area around us.

He had been around all morning but the dogs  kept scaring him or her before I could get a picture.

Sophie and Louie were fighting all morning over a rubber stick, there is two but it's more fun to play tug
with one.

Waiting to go for a walk.

We headed out  to look for an Indian Cemetary, we had a little map from the tourist bureau, but it took us
a long time to find it. We ended up driving down a wash and climbing up the hills to see if we could see it.

We are the rig on the left.

We did see some pretty cactus

Baby Organ Pipe

Barrel Cactus with flowers still on it

We did find the cemetery but I am not going to post the pictures.

We had only been back at our site, for a little while, when we had our second visitor.

This the third time we have seen a coyote since we first went to Borrego, and he is certainly the healthest looking of them all. We always walk the bostons on a leash, but we have been letting Jake go without his leash when we are outside with him. I don't know if  a coyote would go after him, or not. I don't want to take any chances so I think it will be back on his leash for him.



  1. Merry Christmas Jean and Skip. Thanks for the nice pictures.


  2. Not likely a lone coyote would attack anything it's own size but where there is one coyote there are probably more nearby & they will attack as a pack. Glad you finally found the cemetery. We once watched 2 Coyotes cruise right through the middle of an RV Park in Casa Grande early one morning. They are creatures of opportunity & these two were looking for people's pets for sure.

  3. The coyotes *should* be skittish of people and Jake, as long as he doesn't take off after them. They can get quite large!