Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yesterday was Beautiful

And I wasted it vacuuming, and wiping down the walls, today it has been raining and blowing since we woke up. We did take a trip to Why, which is ten miles south of Ajo, we checked out the BLM  camping area, and  we checked out Hickiwan Trails where we may stay for a few days  We have ordered a new soft top for our tracker, and until we know what day it will be at the UPS store in Tuscon, we can't make too may plans.

This little desert is billed as the most northern in the world it is on highway two between Whitehorse Yukon and Skagway Alaska.

I had a couple of emails about the area we live in  so here are a  some pictures of our yard in Nanoose.

We have a long growing season as a rule, the last two or three summers have been really warm, and most of us have brown lawns by the end of July, but the grass always greens back up in the fall. We don't have a  very good lawn, with three dogs tearing around, but we don't worry about it.



  1. The road from Why to Tucson is a nice 75 mile quietly easy drive & one of my favs. Kitt Peak is along the way closer to Tucson. Really nice drive up to where all the big Observatories are. If so inclined towards Astronomy you can leave the rig at the bottom of the mountain & drive up in your toad. If not, it's a great drive up the mountain anyway with great views when you get to the top. Say hello to 'Ray' at Hickiwan Trails for us:))

  2. RE: UPS..... Ray at Hickiwan ( manager) receives deliveries for people. Also mail. He is a great guy.
    Is a Viet Nam Vet.

    Your yard at home looks beautiful. Reminds me of some of our landscaping. Ours of course is completely buried in deep snow now. What would yours look like this time of year?
    If you get a chance, drive thru Coyote Howls just down aways before you get to Hickiwan. It too is an interesting place.

  3. Hickiwan Trails is reported to be very nice. Many of our fellow bloggers have stayed there with very positive reports. Also enjoyed your pictures today.