Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still here on american Girl Mine Road.

We are still  parked off  American Girl Mine road, we thought we were on BLM land and subject to the 14 day  camping rule, our neighbour informed us that we are actually on private land, and we can stay as long as we want. There must have been some mining operation here at one time, there is some gravel piles a couple of hundred yds from us and some machinery, there is a fellow parked by some old machinery, who is paid to make sure nobody damages anything and he told the neighbour the owners don't care if people camp here. Apparently there is 640 acres  surrounded by public land. There are only two of us camped on it, and we can't see each other. We wondered why the ranger hadn't been around.
Old gravel pile

Our view of the Mucacho Mountains

Skip wants to stay until after Christmas,  so I guess we will, it is so different from where we camp on
Vancouver Island,

Elk Falls just north of Campbell River

Miller Creek Forestry Camp in Strathcona Park

It rained through the night and most of the morning today, so we went into Yuma and had lunch at the Golden Corral, Skip was in seventh heaven,...meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy .all he could eat, they have a huge buffet with dozens of dishes but he went for comfort food.

Tomorrow we hope to do some exploring down some of the desert roads.



  1. Right near that big sand hill you have a picture of is a box on post beside a little rock & cactus garden. People leave things in that box & I think we left a Bayfield Bunch note in there a couple years ago. I watched a small plane land near there one day & take off minutes later. I have always wondered if it was a drug drop off. I think I have pictures of all that a couple years ago when we were there at Christmas as well. Christmas day we spent scrambling around on a rocky hill just a little further down American Girl Road.

  2. If you see a Mountaineer without any graphics on the nose pull in Monday afternoon, that's us! We plan on stopping on our way to San Diego. Found you through the Bayfield Bunch.

  3. Al, I walked down to the cactus garden today, no box on a post, the lttle garden looks like someone takes care of it still.

    Beth we will keep an eye out for you.