Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we sure did, the weather was perfect again. We didn't do anything except sit in the sun, make Christmas dinner and go for a walk with the dogs.

I am inside the dogs crate, it is easier than dealing with them being tied up.

It was warm today.

We found this skeleton of a saguaro cactus on our walk.

I hope it died from natural causes. I am getting really attached to the saguaro cactus, they seem to have

I have been thinking about the wildlife here, and how I worry about the dogs. At home on Vancouver Island, we live in a fairly rural area, we have seen bears, and a cougar quite close to our house, and although we have a fence all around our property, they could quite easily get into the yard. Even the raccoons can do a lot of damage to a dog if they get cornered. I suppose it is because we are in a totally
different environment, that it makes me uneasy. There are no coyotes on Vancouver Island, there are no porcupines, or skunks either, how ever there are wolves, although I have never seen one.



  1. Your “dog crate” seems very large. Did you purchase one this size or is it home made? Also am curious about the hummingbird feeder. Are you seeing a good amount of activity?


  2. Our dogs are all older now so they don't roam anymore. We never let them out by themselves but we don't tie them up either. Anytime they are out, we are out & close by. When we walk, the guys are off leash & always stay close. The presence of our two bigger dogs is a deterrent to coyotes. With 5 of us moving through the desert we are like a small army. The only thing I really worry about are the rattlesnakes when the weather begins to warm up in March. Dogs are curious & like to poke their noses under rocks, etc.