Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Didn't Need the Ark

The sun shone brightly today after torrential rains and winds that made the motor home rock. It poured well into the night.  This morning not a cloud in the sky. We really really like the Sonoran Desert it is so
green and the mountains are  unusual shapes, I am guessing volcanic in origin.

The skeleton of  saguaro cactus is woody

Our side yard

 Looking down the driveway

 The greeter in the driveway

 Organ Pipe Cactus in the back yard

Our driveway posts

We took a drive into Ajo today for a few groceries, and stopped at the tourist bureau for some maps,
The lady working there was very informative about the town and warned us about the desert animals,
she said after a rain they would be out in numbers, she said the Javelinas would be out with their babies, her dog was almost killed by a group of them last year.

We drove the ring road today, before we got our map, so we will do it again tomorrow, we would like to find the Indian cemetery and also put a name on the various mountains.



  1. The cemetary road runs west off Darby Wells road. There is a road running west at the south end of Darby Wells but that's not it. I'm guessing it's about half way round. Cemetery will be on the right side of that road & you will probably see people boon docked out along that road. I posted pics of that cemetery but received an email from a man in Los Angeles asking me to take them down because he had family in that cemetery. I took the pics down. I absolutely love the Sonoran desert. It's my fav & I miss it. We were boon docked up that road passed the cemetery on the right & about as close to that single pinnacle mountain as we could get. Our best boon docking site of ever. That cemetery road has some washes crossing it too. The Ranger does come around checking out the 14 day limit too. If you stay & have to move, just go down to Why towards Organ Pipe. There is another boondocking site at mile marker 2 (I think) just south of Why. You will cross a bridge & immediately on the other side on the right is the boondocking pull in. You will see rigs in there. You can stay there up to 14 days & then go back to Ajo if you want. There is a nice quiet paved back road running up to Casa Grande from east of Why as well in case your needing a day trip. Casa Grande is your closest big box store city. The locals use that. I like the road running from Why to Tucson. Not much traffic. The Kitt Peak Observatory is on that road. Great place.

  2. Nice to finally have sunshine! Although I hear the rain is heading east and getting some parts of Arizona. Here in Desert Hot Springs the morning sun is brilliant! Finally. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Just visiting your site referred by the Bayfield Bunch - will need to spend more time... Hoping to head to Ajo area in February some time - love it there! We survived the torrential rain in Holtville. We have our pics up at