Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Salton Sea

We left Borrego and headed to the Salt Creek Beach Campground, we passed through Salton City, where there were  signs listing bank owned houses for $30,000. and lots for around $9000, lots of empty boarded up homes and stores, it is really sad the way the economy, and the shrinking Salton sea has destroyed peoples lives.

Salt Creek has no amenities other than  portable toilets and a water tap, but you camp right along the beach for $8.00 per nite.

and this is what you see
Hundreds of pelicans, herons, and other shore birds.

This is not the first time on this trip that I wished I had a better camera , I like my little canon power shot
but it doesn't do justice to scenery like this.

We are in Quartzsite AZ now, actually about eight miles north in a free long term visitors site we can stay here for fourteen days if we wished.  We didn't stop in Quartzite today but we will go have a look tomorrow.

Good Game tonight. Always good when we beat the flames.


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  1. Hi there and good morning. Al of the Bayfield Bunch sent me this way, and your hike sounded interesting, so here I am. Looking forward to following along on your travels.